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8 reasons to outsource your IT….

What are IT support services?

As a professional IT services provider, Rainbow IT offer many different services from network management and security, data storage and backup, system support and product maintenance to name a few. Having external IT support ensures that your company technology is always maintained and all people across an organisation are supported.


Benefits of outsourcing your companies IT……


1     –     Reduced labour cost

Employing a large IT department can be very costly and comes with the added costs of holiday pay, sick pay, pensions etc whereas an external company will take care of that. Outsourcing also ensures that you have a highly skilled, technical team working with you without the high costs per individual.

2     –     Disaster Recovery

Hopefully your business never experiences a disaster but if it does it is reassuring to know that all your data is backed up and secure so that you can focus on helping your employees and dealing with your in house matters such as insurance, buildings and other equipment. Whether you experience a flood, fire or even a cyber-attack it is important to have a plan in place for your data. Rainbow IT services offer disaster recovery and back up plans to all clients in various formats from cloud storage to offsite server backups.

3     –     Lower IT Costs

You effectively only pay for what you use, for example you don’t have cash tied up in laptops and other equipment that you are not using and the same applies for licencing. Turning fixed costs into variable costs by only purchasing what you need when you need it helps with budgeting. On top of this maintaining a system requires ongoing time and expense whereas Rainbow IT services can do this for you.

4     –     Keeping up to date with technology

An IT support company can ensure that all updates are applied to your equipment in a timely manner and are also able to source new technology and equipment at a reasonable cost as they will have connections with many different suppliers. Keeping up with the changes in technology ensures that your business is operating efficiently and in turn being more cost effective.

5     –     Providing a smooth end to end service

By working with an IT and Telecommunications provider such as Rainbow IT, you can ensure that you have a seamless end to end service. This includes ensuring that your technology works hand in hand with your internet service and broadband speed, there is no use having super-fast broadband with slow technology and vice versa. Rainbow IT can also offer you leased line to ensure that you have a dedicated connection for your business.

6     –     Keeping core business at the forefront

When things go wrong with your IT or employees are having trouble with accessing files for example, this can take up a lot of managements time trying to find a solution. Whereas if you have a dedicated external IT company you can pick up the phone to log a job so that a solution can be established quickly, whilst other jobs can be completed.

7     –     Improved security

Data security is a major concern for most organisations, with hackers managing to access information from many large organisations. As a smaller organisation, keeping your data secure should be high on your agenda. It is a good idea to outsource the security of your data and systems to ensure that someone who has up to date knowledge and the skills to maintain security are monitoring your business on a day to day basis. For business owners this may be a task that is forgotten about when you are embroiled in the day to day running of your business, but the consequences could be huge if something was to go wrong, so do not take the risk.

8    –     Increased competitiveness

If you are trying to undertake your own research on new technologies this could be taking up valuable time and in turn money for your business. Why not allow your IT support provider to advise on up to date technology that can allow you to keep ahead of the competition? They can ensure that new technology is delivered in a timely manner and for the best possible price as this is their niche and they have the contacts to be able to provide this to you.

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, it is likely to be more cost effective and productive to outsource your IT support. You do not want to be wasting your valuable time and money trying to maintain your IT systems, data security and backups when you could be focusing on the core business which you are passionate about. Rainbow IT services offer bespoke support packages to small businesses and it could be far cheaper than you think.


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