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8 reasons to outsource your IT……..

What are IT support services? As a professional IT services provider, Rainbow IT offer many different services from network management and security, data storage and backup, system support and product...

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Voice over IP (VoIP)

What is VoIP? Voice over IP or VOIP as it is most commonly known allows users to make phone calls over the internet. The technology converts analogue voice signals into...

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PAC Codes – July 2019

Did you know you can switch mobile provider by just sending a text? From 1st July the regulator Ofcom have introduced changes to the way people can switch, making it...

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NEW – Mobile Phone Pricing

Have you ever heard the phrase "Roam Like At Home"? In simple terms, it means that using your mobile phone when abroad wont incur those extortionate overseas charges of the...

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Welcome to Rainbow IT

        Rainbow IT is a family run business, providing telecoms and IT services to Yorkshire and beyond. Based in Selby, we have links to Leeds, York, Sheffield,...

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