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Windows 11

We are just under 2 years after the end of Windows 7, Microsofts most popular OS in recent years, with 20% of people still using it after it went end of life!

Tomorrow marks the start of a new era with Windows 11 making its debut into the consumer world! Some IT techs (like us) have been beta testing Windows 11 for at least 6 months. There are changes to how the start menu, and taskbar looks, but the security and performance is as good if not better than Windows 10.

You wont be able to get your hands on Windows 11 straight away, but purchasing a new laptop/desktop will enable you to have Windows 11 before the end of the year. Like previous launches, upgrading to Windows 11 from Windows 10 is only advised if technically minded until updates are readily available for a smooth transition (usually around 2 weeks after launch day).

Take a look & check your current workstation is compatible:

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