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The Fibre Future

Are Internet Service Providers digging up a road near you?

For 95% of you, this is more than likely a reality, its highly likely that there isn’t just one laying fibre optics in your area, but closer to around five or six different providers, all vying for your custom in the near future! With the 2025 deadline for switching off copper landlines and internet looming, the need to switch to faster internet and digital phones is becoming the norm!

At Rainbow IT we can help with the switch from the old copper landlines, to a newer more stable and faster service on fibre optics, from the low end to the very top. Whether its a single occupancy household or a block of flats, there is a service for everyone. Whether you use a landline phone or not, this isn’t essential in getting you online anymore, and with currently rising costs for copper landlines forcing moves to fibre, there hasn’t been a better time to upgrade.

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