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End of an era……

We’re just two months away from the end of Windows 7. After 10 years of the game changing Microsoft OS (Operating System), its time to move on to newer technologies, whether you like it or not! As of the 14th January 2020, Microsoft will no longer be providing Windows 7 devices with software & security updates, and no more technical support, this doesn’t mean that Rainbow IT will leave you high and dry, but we are limited to the availability of fixes when Microsoft stop providing them!


What happens next?

Most devices with Windows 7, will no doubt be older than 3 years, and although it is possible to upgrade these devices to Windows 10, we highly recommend purchasing new hardware to cope with the faster Windows 10 OS.


Why Windows 10?

A recent Microsoft Customer Usage & Satisfaction Programme reported that Windows 10 devices on average start up 28% faster than older devices. As newer versions of Microsoft Office become available, Windows 7 is left behind, at present the latest release (Office 2019), isn’t compatible with Windows 7 or lower.


Can I drag out some more time with Windows 7?

A lot of people dont like change. Whether this be versions of Windows, enabling 2 Factor Authentication, contactless payments, facial recognition, or even just purchasing a new car! The world is progressively getting more advanced. As systems get more advanced, older technology gets left behind, and more vulnerable to issues. The change from Windows XP to Windows 7, was a slow process, but ultimately, paved the way for newer & faster technologies.


Let Rainbow IT help you navigate from Windows 7 to Windows 10, get in touch for a free no obligatory quote and speed up your life today!


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